El Piso – The Flat

Top three pictures are my attempt at making the flat full of home made Christmas spirit. I was working on the outside scene, jammin’ to Christmas Carols, in 18 (c) degree weather, with the sun spraying into the living room, when Celi came in: “oh! That’s nice. You uhhh- makin’ that for your school?’….”Nope!” 😀

Best bit about the painting was i had to create all these colors from only five strange and awkward colors: magenta, blue, yellow, black and white!

Next is California and Massachusetts enjoying a soccer game on our salon. We have a nice little cozy place. It gets VERY cold in the winter, but also stays cold for the HOT HOT summers, so I suppose that is a good compromise.

This is a view from our terrace. In the back ground you can see a bit of “Old Cadiz”. This is often a postcard scene! Yes, we may or may not live in a post card!


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