La Inmaculada

CEIP – Colegio de Educacion Infantil y Primaria La Inmaculada

I can walk there in 8 minutes! Some of my fellow teachers take the bus for 30 minutes and then walk for 10, some take the bus for 35, others walk for 35 minutes. How did I get so lucky as to be able to walk to La Inmaculada in 7 minutes? Who knows, but it’s close and when the torrential rain and wind devils come to play, I dodge puddles and dart between swaying palm trees and can arrive in my under 5.

I have been really getting into finding the “child within”. As if there was any doubt it wasn’t still there! Now I just have a reason to paint, although…I will almost admit that I have been decorating the flat with childish paintings just because it’s fun and feels good.

5 &6. I received a lovely Jack-O-Latern wall hanging decoration from a lovely friend in the EE. UU (U.S.A.) who is now just decorating my bedroom. So when MariaCarmen asked me last week to try and make some moveable human body out of cardboard, brads, and paper or something to learn the parts of the body I knew JUST what I would use. So…I used some double sticky back Velcroe on some hand drawn eyes, nose, mouth and even added a cap for a touch of flare. It didn’t seem right for him to be wearing a pumpkin shirt (or a real pumpkin even maybe), so he is now clad in a Barcelona jersey. We are studying the joints, limbs, arms, etc. with the first graders…”the foot bones connected tot he leg bone, the leg bones connected to the knee bone…..doin’ the skeleton dance…”. One day I actually did Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, with 4 different class. Sure it was a good work out (more for my vocals), but sometimes I’m afirad I’ll never get out of “Babyland” in my mind….”In my mind I’ve gone to Babbbyyyllaaanndd…..can’t you see the slobber….oh can’t you just feel the sickness….and ain’t it just like a child of mine… trip me from behind…yes I’ve gone to baby land in myyy minnndd.”

7. For Halloween and Christmas I made a few puppets. First I bought a cheap insense burner from one of the Chino stores and glued my green monster on the back. I was thinking that may have been the first time I’ve drawn a monster in my entire life! Sure I drew and colored when I was a kid, but definitey not green monsters. I had trouble thikning of things actually so I had to look a lil’ online! Then I had some Halloween colored yarn laying around so I attached little holes gave him some hair. His name ended up being Jack. It was great fun! with the three and four year olds we could practice colors, how many feet, color of his hair, how many heads…,it was quite cute. Although when I asked them how many heads and three days they repeated yellow I thought maybe it was time to move on……..

3 & 4. Just a few shots from inside the school. There are actually two buildings to separate the big difference in ages. I’m with three year old’s up to 6th grade during the week. The “campus” used to actually be an old military training compound I think, so it’s not the prettiest of aesthetics. But they try.

1 & 2. A small glimpse of outside.

I had a few other projects which have since been destroyed, but they’ll remain in my head as “nice try Jonesy”.


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