Only in Spain…

There may have been only 8 things on the menu, but it’s still worth it. Day trip to Seville 22 Euros round trip, lunch/snack, 6 euros, exercise and people watching….Starbucks, 4,10 – Priceless.

Only in Spain…..
… clowns walk in parades with beer in their hands.
… they let the children run UP to the floats, throw paper at the drivers, and sit so close they could get crushed.
….do they let toddlers, babies and kids enjoy the wonders of bars (smoke, booze, football games on tv, profanity shouting, games of pool, etc.)
….do they have ham flavored potato chips. What is it? Some kind of Ham Spray?

….does the wind and rain steal your pants from the drying line, delete them from your life, and then blow them back into your life 4 hours later. I suppose it was just trying them on and they didn’t fit. ‘cos PROBABLY EVEN SPANISH WIND DOESN’T HAVE HIPS!

….does the gas station not have gas.

….does “I’m so happy I met you” become “I’m so happy, I’m Matthew” and “Neighborhood” becomes “Neighbor Whore”….”Decades” become “Dick heads”….Austria becomes “Ostrich”….Hamburg (Germany) becomes “hamburger”….Hitch hiking becomes “heeking”…

….does ten minus four equal 7.35.

….does the government gift all 5th and 6th graders nice beautiful green backpacks and personal mini computers with built-in cameras and WiFi access.

….do they charge 11 Euros for one Rimmel lipstick! I can’t find ANY lipstick under 9 euros. Wth?

…does the post office not have the ability to look up international postal codes.


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