The Surf Wave

Ever surfed on a river?

The Eisbach River has just the perfect little spot.
The wave is about 1 m high and is a small jump from a passer by’s bridge. The small, yet powerful wave has been hosting as a surfers excitement since 1972.
It seems quite risky to me because of the shallowness o the water. There are big rocks completely visible from the surface and the river is quite narrow. It is also lined with a cement wall, which makes a potential fall deadly. Every surfer was completely decked out in a full body suit, a few with life jackets (the current is very strong), and yet only a few were protecting their heads with helmets.

There was a good mixture of skill level. There wre a few rookies how had attitudes and the perserverence of a grown lion. They’d throw their board out, leap on and go for it. Nine out of ten times the raging water would throw them back but kept getting back up and tryin’ again. The river dominated most people, but there were a few who dominated the river. Those dudes were beautiful to watch. They cruised back and forth, back and forth, in complete control of the small fast moving wave, they were up and down, and one guy was even doing complete 360’s on his board.
There were tall dudes, short dudes, thin dudes and big dudes. There were even a number of women. Some people would sit on the concrete man=made wall and slide out into the water on their board and there were others who would simply throw it in the water and follow with their body hoping for a good land. Funny enough, many of those people pulled it off quite smoothly. Hover the jump-start always gave me a fright because of the fear I had of having the board slip out from under you and lurching back into the stone wall. Thankfully enough, while I did cringe a few times, there were no major serious wipe outs.
It was really beautiful to watch though and the day was quite lovely. There were a number of people taking turns and we sat and watched them for a good hour or so.

It’s really cool! Check it out:


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