Lauren Eames – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2011

Lauren Eames: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Summer 2011

Lauren came to us from the big state of New York, and we’re so glad she did! She was such a pleasure to practice Spanish with and carried around with her a great attitude and lovely smile 🙂

Her blog goes through some of the wonderful aspects of her time in Buenos Aires. I’d suggest starting with her depiction of the Academia Buenos Aires, where our High School students (and Winter Break students) attend classes. In the beautiful building ( that sits right next to Cathedral and La Casa Rosada), she took classes with 3-4 students per classroom, where they all had individualized attention every day.

I like how she calls the Ice Cream, “Sinfully Delicious”, well it’s true! Even on orientation day she blasts out with Spanish exclamations: “¡fue ricíssimo!”.

All of our students get the opportunity to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Colónia, Uruguay and Lauren’s portraiture of the excursion & definition of the colloquial Porteño word, “Quilombo” [roughly translating to mean “mess” or “disorder”] is such a fun read!

We’re so glad she was able to join us!


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