Shopping in Oaxaca!

imageToday was my first Free Afternoon of my trip, and I believe I used it well. Before my shopping trip at around 4:00 I headed off to school once again. The only think annoying about the classes is the homework, but even that isn’t too bad. My favorite part of the school was the openness of it.

imagePhoto from Kathleen Knueppel.

After school I came home to Anita’s house and at yet again a wonderful meal. Warning, Picantes are really freaking hot, at least to me. Right after lunch I met up with friends and headed for some shopping! We went to the Santo Domingo area (pictured above) which has fantastic stores (even their own version of Starbucks 😉 ). They also have a jewelry store (2 on the same street actually) called Oro de Monte Albán which I recommend to you all. Make sure to bring A LOT of money if you are planning a trip there. We also visited el Mercado 20 de Noviembre which is a market full of anything from food to clothes under a roof. Finally, we stopped at the Zocalo for more shopping. You can bargain prices here and at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre if needed. If you buy anything at all while in Oaxaca, you MUST get their chocolate. It is to die for. Shop at any store called “Chocolate Mayordomo” and get Choco Mio, the best chocolate milk mix you will ever had. While you are at it, why not get one of their malts?


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