June 19- June 21: Days Three Through Five

Sorry it’s been a little while! There’s so much to do here in Granada! Basically these past few days have involved classes in the morning and excursions/ free time for personal adventures in the afternoon and night. The classes have been so helpful! We only have six students, so they’re tailored to our own personal deficits. Our two teachers are both very good at making the classes really interesting, and in just a few days I’ve already improved upon my use of verbs (my main problem when it comes to Spanish). We’ve also had one planned activity per day. Monday we saw the Cathedral, and I could not believe how enormous and golden it was! It’s absolutely incredible that so much detail was put into every little corner of the church. On Tuesday we went to the Moorish quarter and went to the Arab Baths. It was a really specific and relaxing spa, with certain pools of water that you are meant to sit in in a certain order. The walls there were also beautiful, with ceramic tiles and small windows in the ceiling that were shaped like Muslim stars. Wednesday our activity was actually lunch! We all took a cooking class right after school and learned how to make Paella (like what we ate on the beach, only so much better) and Gazpacho (a tomato juice of sorts that tastes much better than it sounds). We’ve walked a ton in the heat, and I’ve learned that my usual intake of water- next to nothing- won’t cut it if I want to make it through three and a half more weeks. I will say I’ve been unintentionally losing weight from said walking, and I’ve seen so much of this beautiful city! I’ve only spent five days here and I already hate that I will be leaving in less than a month. It’s been so exciting to communicate so much in Spanish with so many different people of different backgrounds. I’m definitely more determined now than I ever have been to learn Spanish fluently!


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