June 29- July 2: Days Thirteen Through Sixteen

When the first group left there was one student who stayed (like I did) for two more weeks. After dropping everyone off at the airport early Thursday morning, we were taken to a hotel to begin our stay in Madrid. Since it was just the two of us, we pretty much spent the day walking around, browsing, and getting a feel for the city. I immediately noticed a huge contrast of atmosphere- unlike the quaint little town of Granada, Madrid was booming with people and was alive with a quick paced, city-like energy. We spent the vast majority of our Friday at our hotel meeting students from the next group as they arrived. That night we went on a small walking tour of part of the city and had tapas for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised by how much history is still packed into such a modernized city. We started our Saturday by visiting the Prado Museum, a beautiful art museum that focused on Spanish art throughout various eras. For lunch we picnicked in Parque El Retiro, a huge park that had a small lake, paddle boats, ice cream, and street performers. Afterwards my friend who had also been in Spain for the past two weeks went with me on a Segway tour of the city. The Segway itself was extremely fun to learn how to use, and we were able to see a lot more of Madrid than had been covered during our walking tour. That night happened to be the main night for the World Pride event, and the streets around our hotel were absolutely flooded with people. We got some great live music through our window! For our last day in Madrid we went to another art museum, the Reina Sofia. It had works from Picasso and Salvador Dalí (among others), and I took great interest in the more abstract pieces. I had a short period of time to run around and grab a few souvenirs, then we left for Granada!


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