Blogging Benefits

The world awaits you! Let them know who you are & what you do.

Sol Abroad top 5 reasons YOU should blog:

  1. Refine your writing & general communication skills (in an exciting & engaging manner)
  2. Networking – connect to individuals (colleagues, mentors, future employers, internships, etc)
  3. Establish your brand & enhance your name (a brand is a personal connection someone feels when they hear your name)
  4. Increase internet visibility
  5. A fun way to build your credibility!

Other ideas:
–  Increase your knowledge base (specific industry or field)
– Potential media & PR Connections
– Compliments PhD or Graduate Work
– Help you find your VOICE
– Share words with friends, family, professors, mentors, teachers, etc.
– Learn & strengthen computer knowledge & web-based tools
– Makes you a better researcher
–  Motivates you
–  Powerful tool for real-time discussion
– Great tool for relational marketing
– Excellent social media marketing device

Examples of Majors & Minors that vastly benefit from keeping a student blog:

– Marketing
– Business
– Advertising
Public Relations
– English, Writing & Language
– Literatures
International Relations
Global Studies
Cultural Studies

Have any more ideas? Feel free to share!



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