Reviews: read or write one!

Are you thinking about joining the Sol Abroad family, doing your research and need to know what other students thought first?

Are you a Sol Abroad alumni that wishes to leave some feedback about your experience?

One of the best ways to help others have the same amazing experience you did while you were abroad with Sol is to leave a review!

Here are a few words and sites to read & write student reviews:

Daniel Gannon (Spanish Teacher Brentwood School – Los Angeles, CA)

“Thanks SO much for a great time in Argentina. The Sol Abroad director, Alexia Zamparo, was the perfect person to be our guide, director, and friend! She is amazing! I believe she is the best person I have ever worked with in all my 30+ years of travel. She is professional, on time with everything, helps think of Plan B if the weather or time does not permit, and she does it all with a smile and lots of patience. I can’t believe what a “perfect” trip it was. No one got sick, hurt, or lost! No one complained about the food, the families, the classes, or museums.”

“Seriously, this is an amazing program.  I met fantastic people and greatly improved my Spanish.  It was excellently presented to me, and I am so glad I seized upon the opportunity to spend a month in Argentina.”
– Lauren Eames (Greenwich Academy – Greenwich, CT)

“Sol Abroad staff was the most organized and efficient study program, they answered and assisted me through all my crazy questions and thoughts. I either received an email or call at least once a week with new information or to make sure they received all my information before leaving for Costa Rica. Atenas was beautiful and amazing, I never was taught in an outdoor classroom and I absolutely miss it and loved it! I would do another Sol Abroad study abroad program again in a heartbeat, or even I would repeat the one I just had because it was just so amazing!”
– Melissa Foden (Mascoma Regional Valley High School – Canaan, NH)

“This program was a good blend of school time, host family time and group time. I never felt over-scheduled and I never felt bored. The experience of living with a host family was amazing, but I also loved the weekend trips where we got to see the country and bond as a group. I’m so glad that I picked Sol Abroad for my first (but certainly not last) study abroad trip!”
– Danielle Dulchinos (Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School – Devens, MA)
“Living in a Spanish speaking country is honestly the best and funnest way to learn the language. Everyone in the program is there to support you and ensure that your stay is fantastic. My directors were not only helpful but also caring and very funny. Staying in Costa Rica has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I cannot wait to travel more and explore other cultures. I’m grateful for this opportunity given by Sol Abroad because otherwise my summer before senior year would have been totally forgettable.”
– Sophia Warren (Lowell High School – San Francisco, CA)


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